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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I dont know why I'm so compelled today. School. As usual. Normal. Am i getting paranoid or am I starting to abhor? Literally, if I have it my way, many things will come under my hate list. Like lecture, boring econs, that snobbish group of girls & whatever. I just reached home. I wasted my time at queensway shopping centre and anchor point with fara and mas. Accompanied fara to search for her jeans. As for me, did some window shopping and I just bought a gold necklace to go along with my gold hoop earrings. There's this vintage shop at anchor point sells gold charm bracelet and it's so pretty. But is kinda expensive. $29 for it. Gold digger I am. Oh well, I'm going to buy that look-a-like papillo madrids. I don't care. Substitute for papillo madrids. Haha. I think next week or something, I will do my shopping at queensway. That's easier. Azar (is the name spell correctly?) is going to help me in econs. Since he stay around my house area, it's more convenience for us. That's what friends are for right? ;p Hunt for my new bag & flip flop tomorrow with bf. I'm such in good mood now. Hell yes, there's no econs tomorrow! Hopefully marketing is much more better.

Reply to taggers
Phasion Starr: Hello. Welcome to my blog. :)
Eqin: Oh yes. You should see my whole room instead.
Ria: Yeah. Stuying is much better than working. Oh ya, congrats on your intake at La Salle.
Dina: Hi. Thanks for tagging. Will link you soon.
Kutu kumbang: Hello belo. Hey, I recogise that sentence. It's from calvin & hobbes. Haha.
Izyan: Yeah, I know her. That's great. I can ask her for help in econs. Haha.

5:02 PM

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