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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The previous post is full of anger and frustration. I'm venting my anger out at that time. Never judge me by the words I'm using. You're just assuming the person I am not. I am resisting the urge to smash my stuffs yesterday but I told myself to keep calm. Enough of that. Tomorrow will be going to HQ to appeal with my mum. Let's just hope for the better. Bf was extremely nice yesterday. Not only yesterday, he's nice to me everytime. Recap for yesterday. We have breakfast at banquet, jurong point. I was in a lousy mood so I did a little shopping and Bf paid for everything. From the breakfast to the cleo magazine to the juicy couture tote bag. Supposed to watch Big Momma's House 2 then we don't feel like watching so we proceed to tampinese mall. Bought charm bracelet at mini bits and went to the pasar malam next to it. Saw chunky earrings sells for 5 for $10. Wasted! If not I have bought the earrings. Grrr! Off to bugis and bf sold his 1 week v3 for sony ericsson. V3 use hell lots of battery. Bought pink handphone cover, fake lashes and watch. Shopping really makes my day. Have lunch at burger king and cab ride to my home. So today I'll just rot at home. Sis have gone out to return my library books and it's such a pleasure being alone at home. Oh wait, brother is at home. He'll be off to work later on. So Dinah, I guess I'm not re-taking my O's. You better study hard and achieve your goals! I'm just a phone call away babe. That goes to Jaz too. :) Eqin, you finally back! Upload your holiday pics!

Ps: Overdue pics are upload under photos gallery.

2:55 PM

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