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Monday, March 27, 2006

My membership card for 77th street and this fashion just arrived today. Of all the time, why must it be today especially when I'm broke? Pathetic. I need to get my eyebrows trimmed. I can never do my own eyebrows. Talked to my mum in the morning about mdis and she's 50-50 about it. She totally understands that I'm really interested to take diploma rather than going ite (no offence). It's rather waste of my 5 years to take O level and in the end I ended up at ite in the courses that partially I'm not interested in. I browsed through the courses via online and I know that I really want to go for it. But, the main problem is the fees. Sigh. Mum promised to talk to my dad as soon as possible regarding this. She does not want me to rot at home and doing nothing. Like what she said, "kau nak tunggu azim pinang kau ke?" Duh! I'm hopping my dad will agree to this. *cross finger* Thinking about it made me reminisce how important education are. This totally sucks. To top it up, my lil brother have not been going to school for 1 week and 1 day. He just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. He has to retain in sec 3 as he's results were not satisfying. My parents at first nag at him but eventually they give up. Sigh. Doesn't he know without cert he can't get a good job? Life is easy for him now as my parents take care of everything. But what if he has grown up and start a family? He doesn't think about that. So shallow minded. Don't accuse me that I did not talk to him about this. I have. But it's up to him. I'm such a nag but I'm concern for him. Oh well, I'm bored to death. Been months rotting at home.

Registration Fee: S$ 50.00* (Non-refundable)
Course Fee By Full Payment : S$ 4,600.00*

By 3 Instalments : S$ 4,850.00*


4:48 PM

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