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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Msn with ceetee yesterday afternoon and she told me about mdis. After checking it out online, I was really keen to join. So called my mum and told her about it. Since I appeal ite for 2 times and did not get in, why not I take diploma at mdis instead? But the problem is the school fees is damn expensive. Nearly $5000 a year and have to use cash or cheque instead. CPF & giro can't be used. To enter Mdis, they need english and math. Yeah, I failed my math but I can retake it at mdis. The entry requirement need is 3 credits for O level. I want to study at Mdis! I want! I really want. Sigh. I'm waiting for my parents to come back home and discuss about it. Enough of that. In the afternoon, bumped into Yitno at lakeside so he accompanied me till jurong east. Saw Amil and Munzir in the train. Exchange hi and bye to Amil. Wanted to talk to munzir but he's sitting. Oh well, bf job interview is postponed to next wednesday. Went compass point at sengkang after sending Hafiz to chinatown. As usual, I'll always have chicken rice at banquet while bf settled for mee goreng. Walk around and bumped into bf's mum. Talked for a while and off to take train. We don't have any plan where to go so he decided to alight at clementi. He told me there's a shop at a hawker centre that sells nice bandung so I just agreed to it. Yeah, the bandung is different from the other bandung that I usually drink. It's more milky, creamy and I just can't stop drinking it. Bought 2 packets of bandung as it taste so yummy. Recieved a call from Dinah saying that she and Jaz were at town. They thought I was busy so they didn't call me up. Supposingly bf and I did not have any plan and they should call me earlier. It's quite difficult to meet these two babes especially Jaz. Grrr! Then bf & I slack under my block for a while and he send me home. I'm tired. My aunts & uncles just got back home a while ago to visit my grandma. Now, I have to wash the dishes. Maybe I'll skip that and call bf instead.

10:53 PM

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