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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm too lazy to blog nowdays. When I have the mood to blog, my siblings will be using the comp. You guys must be wondering why the hell I woke up so early in the morning? In fact I woke up around 6am. Blame it to my brother's cellphone alarm clock. It's not him who woke up and off it. It's me! So damn irritating. I've been sharing room with him since last sunday as grandma is back here. My sis is sharing room with her and I've no choice to let my brother sleep in my room. No privacy. Tsk. My weekends have been great. Minus sharing room with my brother. Been meeting bf almost everyday. Yesterday we catch yours, mine, ours at jurong point at last. The caramel pop corn is so nice and sweet. The rating for the movie will be 3/5. It's just a typical family fights and bonded back together. We'll be catching another movie on 14th april as we got the $2.50 voucher. Something like that. Proceed to jurong east entertainment to have vanilla milkshakes. It's so milky and creamy. Yummy. Then chill at jurong east library for a while as it was raining heavily and bf doesn't want to get his hair wet. Bought ramly burger at pasar malam and cab ride home. I'm broke. Blame it on my expenses. Today, I'll be meeting him again. Mum will nag at me if she finds out later.

6:55 AM

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