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Saturday, March 18, 2006

//edit at 9.25pm

Just as what I've expected. Bf change his plan to watch movie after we grab our lunch at banquet. He told me to watch on weekdays instead since he got 4 days leave for this coming monday to thursday and so we went town instead to window shop. Guess who I'll always bump whenever the train stop at jurong east? Shahmi! It's always him and no one else. It's always I tell you. Right after I alight at city hall, Shahmi called and said Ira and Taufik just boarded the train. I didn't know that changi airport sells food at $1.50 until Ira said so. Maybe one day I should try but it's so far. Have a bit argument with bf at far east plaza. He totally control my money. Thought of buying a pair of jeans with crown logo and crystals on it but Bf doesn't approve. It maybe pricey, $58 but the jeans left only one. He scolded me not to overspend and I was totally pissed one. Grrr! I think I walked pass by Idah Chix but she looks different. Oh well. Then my mood for shopping was totally spoilt. Just bought my shampoo and he sent me home. Such a day.

Yesterday my day started bright and early at 7am. Went SGH and have breakfast there. After like freaking 4 hours, cab ride to HQ to appeal. Just wait for the results via online. Have lamb chop for lunch at banquet, jurong point. Bought a purple jacket at 77th street that I can't resist on buying it upon the first look. Printed on the back of the jacket is a crown logo with cystals on it. Yipee! Very glam. Today, we'll be watching movie with bf at jurong point. I'm too lazy too go to other places to watch movie. Maybe we'll catch yours,mine,ours. Hopefully, bf won't change his mind at the very last minute. I'm little hungry now. Mum have not cook anything yet. Sigh.

11:53 AM

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