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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

//edit @ 9.26pm
Had sambal squid and lemak cili padi prawns for dinner. I'm full now. A lot of good movies is coming up. I'm spoilt for choices. Tomorrow will be doing threading at clementi. It's been ages since I go threading. The last time was last year with Dinah and Kin. Us in school uniform. Still remember that. I've run out of cleanser and make up remover. I always need to buy it at causeway point watson instead. So troublesome. I need to stock up my make-up kit. My foundation, concealer, powder and lip gloss is finishing soon. Shitty. I need to return my library books but I've still not finished yet reading it. I want to renew it but I'm such a lazy ass to drop by jurong east library. Jurong point library is under construction and god knows when it will finish renovating. Going to watch teman anugerahku for now.

Happy 18th Birthday Ira!

*Good nigh and have a sweet dream people!

What am I doing up so early in the morning? WTF. Update for yesterday. I was late to meet bf. Supposed to meet him at 5.15pm but I'm still at home around 4.30pm. I didn't even have the time to eat my McChicken burger for lunch and I rushed to lakeside mrt. Thankfully I reached there before bf came. Done with Ira's birthday gift and we off to city plaza to buy cell phone. Bf really wants the black V3 razr Motorola and we survey all the handphones shop. At last, he found it and I paid $270 for it. Oh gosh! There goes my money. Oh well, he owned me. Have western food for dinner at Arnold, level 2 of city plaza and we can't finish it. It came with 5 pieces chicken, regular coleslaw, potato fries, 2 pieces bun, 2 regular Pepsi and banana split for dessert. It's real lot so Bf asked them to pack the leftover food. Done with our dinner and Bf sent me home. Today I think I'll just rest at home. Been going out almost everyday. I'm going to go catch up with my babes on Friday at town. It feels weird without Bf. It's like something is not right. I'll probably meet him in the evening after work. My gum is swollen and it's real bad now. It's so pain that I have to eat only on my left side of the mouth. Starhub is really testing my patience. Just two days ago I top up my card using cash online and now it left only with $0.14?! Bloody hell. Yesterday Bf called his mum and it is not even $5 yet. I did use the incoming free calls. What the heck?! I have to go down to the shop later on to buy my prepaid card and have my craving for chicken chop. That at least makes me feel better. My cough is killing me! Grrr!

9:11 AM

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