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Friday, March 03, 2006

//edit @ 10.45pm

The dinner was fine and everything is f.o.c (free of charge). Even the cab rides. Lol. Using an adult ez-link is sucky. Have to top up $10 and it can last only for few days. I still want to use student ez-link card. It's more cheaper. Anyway, tomorrow will be meeting bf. Maybe we'll catch Big Mama House 2 at town. My treat. He promised to watch another movie on 16th march but he won't tell me the tittle at all. He said it will be a surprise. Don't he dare to watch horror movie! I simply don't like it. Scaredy cat I shall say. Not to forget, paris hilton's book. Yay! I still owned my mum belated birthday gift. I'm still wondering what to buy. Thanks dinah for the green jacket. It's so comfortable but too bad not in brown colour. ;p For now, I shall indulge myself with one tub of raspberry ice cream which I just bought and top it with chocolate rice. Simply yummy!

Good night peeps...

NRIC : S88****9E

1. The results of your application are as follows:

Posted Institution : NANYANG POLYTECHNIC
Course Name : NURSING
Course Code : C97

Congrats babe! You get in and good luck in your future endeavours. Thanks for waking me up also. Lol. Ira, don't be dissapointed k. Go enrol in NAFA since you have the talent. I heard from my ITE friends that tourism course is difficult to get in. I want that course. Really, I do. Sigh. I'm totally bored. Been 2 days straight just rot at home. Luckily today Dinah and I will be going to bukit panjang for dinner with the ex colleagues. Going to meet her near my bus stop around 1pm to pass my jacket. Yay! Bf seems moody on the phone just a while ago. Tsk. I'm still wondering what to wear to later on. Hmm... 6 March please come soon. I need ka-ching! Totally broke. I need to save up for my 1 year anniversary too. Gosh! So many events is coming up. I'm like craving for sundae hot fudge, mc chicken (the mayonnaise especially) & the chicken chop @ boon lay. So hungry. Have a blast weekends people!

11:10 AM

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