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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bf didn't want to go work so we met up at jurong east after he took mc. I think I saw Mirah from friendster. Oh well. I decided to have lunch at burger king, west mall and just what I've expected. I bumped into Kin. Suprised her from behind while she was munching her fries. Lol. But didn't choke, right Kin? ;p At last I have my craving for single swiss mushroom burger meal and the chocolate pie. Yummy~ At the very last minute, we decided to catch a movie at jurong point. Wanted to watch Big Momma's House 2 but we were late by 20 minutes. So we watched The Pink Panther and I give it three out of five. You guys should watch it. It's worth your money. Bf will treat me for the Big Momma's House 2 then. Next we went to coffee bean to have pure chocolate with whip cream. Bought chunky earrings for myself as well for Kin and Ira. Will give them this friday. Bf came over to my house to play xbox with my brother and we have dinner together. I'm blogging and at the same time watching Dia. Everytime I watched it, it really get into my nerves. Grrr! The story is full of problems. Waiting for bf to reach home and call me. Ok, he's calling.

9:45 PM

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