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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I just got back home a few hours ago from town. It was a last minute plan and course of that I didn't meet Ira. My apology babe. Next time alright. Met bf outside his work place and have our lunch at long john silver. Next up, kinokuniya at takashimaya. I was desperately browsing for paris hilton: confessions of an heiress. I bought the wrong book few weeks ago. Supposed to buy that one but I bought paris hilton: confess it to me instead. Mind you, I wasted $32 for that book-alike-diary whereas the book that I really want was only $24. Imagine with that $32 I can buy 2 tops with accessories instead. Grrr! But bf promised to buy it for me on his next pay. That actually makes my day. :) On a random note, click here for crystal lovers. Ain't that gorgeous?!!! It was mind blowing the first time I saw it. It is a hit now at Japan to put crystals on the cellphones. So I went to G-mask at jurong point to ask for the price. I was dumbfounded when the salesgirl told me it was $288 only on the surface of the cellphone & another $288 on the back. That will make $576! Oh gosh! Till the next time then although I badly wanted it. My mum & sis is out to my dad's shop so I guess I'll be doing the housework later on. On a random note, results for ite intake will be this coming tuesday, 280206. Pray hards that I'll get into the course that I want.

Happy Birthday Mum! I know you won't like me to put your exact age here. As for your gift, I promise you I will buy it on my next pay. Such a bad daughter I am.

6:59 PM

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